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project! for women! ladies! chicks! girls!
SISTER TRADING CARDS - the all-girl trading card set
make and send 20 ATCs - any theme - no deadline
you'll get a set (including your own card) back

send 20 ATCs (20 different ones or 20 times the same)
size 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches (64 mm x 89 mm)
sign, number and date on the back of the card
no theme, all techniques
no deadline
you will get a set back

After a good long run of 118 editions, Sister Trading Cards is now on a break - please do not send in any submissions. I thank all the past participants.

e-mail: s-chick@bluewin.ch

If you get another participant's e-mail address, please don't add it to your general address book as that person might not want to be on any mailing lists. Thank-you.

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i'm starting this project to encourage more women to participate in editions (this one AND COPY LEFT) and hope it spreads the ATC word to a wider audience. it might be considered 'sexist' but it is more about including women than excluding men (and men have plenty of opportunities to participate in ATC: COPY LEFT, trading sessions, etc). as with COPY LEFT, one edition will go to the zürich ATC archive and one to the calgary archive.                     cat schick



This is an unjuried art project and all (female) participants' contributions will be accepted without judgement as to 'quality' (however, racist, sexist, or fascist cards will not be accepted). This is the condition of STC and in participating you so accept this condition.

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