the first four persons who knew about m.vänçi stirnemann's Artist Trading Cards project and traded ATCs with him were:

cat schick, gido dietrich, chuck stake (aka don mabie) & piär amrein.

atc schick97 001p Kopie2
atc schick97 002p Kopie3

ATC by cat schick, 1997


atc dietrich97 001p Kopie
atc dietrich00 002p Kopie

ATC by gido dietrich 1997 & 2000


atc stake97 001p Kopie
atc stake97 002p Kopie

ATC by chuck stake aka don mabie 1997


atc amrein97 002p 1 Kopie
atc amrein97 002p Kopie

ATC by piär amrein 1997


atc mvs 00633 Kopie
atc mvs 00567 Kopie

ATC by m.vänçi stirnemann 1997